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This product aids in screening for emotional and behavioral difficulties, but is not intended to take the place of more in-depth assessment with a psychological or psychiatric professional. In most cases, a positive screen is an indication that more questions should be asked, which may include referral to a specialist provider. Your use of the product constitutes explicit awareness of its purpose as one part of your overall clinical approach to addressing behavioral health concerns.

Data about your patients, you, and your practice are all protected. On our end this entails secure storage in HIPAA-compliant fashion. On your end, this entails access through a unique login and password combination that you assign. It is thus very important that you keep this information secure, which is generally supported by assigning each user his/her own login. This allows you to know who is looking at what, and to track the transfer of information accordingly.

We also provide information on specific CPTs that may be used to bill insurance for the administration of these tests if you choose. This information is based on our reading of national policies about integrated behavioral health and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ reimbursement for these codes. This is intended to serve only as an overview and foundation for your own research, however, and in no way offers a guarantee or specific guidance for context-dependent reimbursement. Every health insurance administration is different, most are very complex, and successful reimbursement in any individual case depends on many factors that are often particular to the payer.

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