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About Genba (gin-bā)

Loosely translated from Japanese, genba means “the real place.” From the perspective of an organization, that can be thought of as the central features of a work activity that add value to a product or service.

The founders of Genba Assessments appreciated this ideal, and derived our name from it. We make extremely efficient, effective instruments that allow rapid assessment of psychological difficulties in medical and educational environments. These tools must be fast, focal, and produce straightforward results in order to be useful in these contexts – in other words, they must come from genba.

To learn more about the science behind our assessments, please visit our background information page. You can also see an example of our products in action or register for a 30-day free trial using the form above.

Mission Statement

Genba Assesements’ mission is to leverage technology to enable efficient emotional and behavioral assessment. Our tools are built on strong science, emphasize practicality of use, and integrate flexibly into your existing workflow. They do not require complex training or other time-consuming, expensive commitments on the front end, which allows you to more easily experiment with implementation. If you would like to see if our tools are right for your organization please register to receive a 30-day, unrestricted free trial.

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Billing for Use of Genba Screeners

Many insurance providers allow for reimbursement for the use of standardized measures. Click here to learn more, including an overview of specific codes commonly used for this purpose.